GhostTalk: Interactive Attack on Smartphone Voice System Through Power Line

Inaudible voice command injection is one of the most threatening attacks towards voice assistants. Existing attacks aim at injecting the attack signals over the air, but they require the access to the authorized user’s voice for activating the voice assistants. Moreover, the effectiveness of the attacks can be greatly deteriorated in a noisy environment. In this paper, we explore a new type of channel, the power line side-channel, to launch the inaudible voice command injection.

We present GhostTalk, a new hidden voice attack that is capable of injecting and eavesdropping simultaneously. Via a quick modification of the power bank cables, the attackers could launch interactive attacks by remotely making a phone call or capturing private information from the voice assistants. GhostTalk overcomes the challenge of bypassing the speaker verification system by stealthily triggering a switch component to simulate the press button on the headphone.

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Features of GhostTalk